Technology against Ecology?

29 05 2009

Global warming is a hot issue in every country all around the world. The earth’s temperature increasing, animals and their habitats are decreasing.  According to National Climatic Data Center of U.S, the global’s reach 55.04 degree in the past three months. The climate change also increasing the number of diseases in the world, for instance “Highland Malaria” in Africa. Many people told that technology always the cause of this issue. Is it true?

Large energy consumption, and a high CO2 production in a technology make a serious problem for the environment. The scientist have pay attention for technology development with eco-friendly method. Maybe we allready heard about some technolgy which is environmentally friendly. For example Solar Cell, Wind mill Energy, and Hybrid Car. There just a few example about eco-friendly technology. So that would answer the previous question rite.

And how about the condition in Indonesia. Technology and global warming is two main issue for Indonesia. That’s why when Hillary Clinton as the U.S Secretary Department of State visiting Indonesia last february, this 2 points is was announce by her as a main sector cooperation between Indonesia and U.S.

Indonesia is one of country which has tropical clime. So Indonesia must pay more attention than the other country had. Indonesia must looking for a new alternative energy, and using the eco-friendly technology. Many corporate in Indonesia still dont pay attention about that. Government must make a policy to order each corporate and every people in Indonesia, to use eco-friendly technology. So we could make a better environment, especially in Indonesia.


photo by Harry Kawanda

photo by Harry Kawanda



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